Consolidation -> Breakout Trade, AAPL (keeping direction flexible)

Ratio posted at 1:2:4, put protection, Nov 22 call spread, Nov 29 call spread

The break below 510 will be fast and should be an easy target for 500.  That’s VERY much still a possibility and I will be flexible if the scales tilt against my long side bias, but given the development of the break below 515 and the failure of that break I’m betting this consolidation following the upward developments in AAPL will lead to a continuation.
Should the dip present itself or AAPL goes back to banging against 515 I will adjust.  Just last week I was looking for the break lower.

Only a weekly time-frame should AAPL fall back to 485-500 I will look to establish longer term longs.


Red is PnL at expiration




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