Thinking In Terms Of Efficiency (and NSC long idea)

While I don’t mind the AAPL trade it perhaps isn’t the most rewarding in terms of time and energy involved in playing a breakout trade in EITHER direction without much of a clue other than the LACK of movement or consolidation for an extended period of time for the security.

Take for example the strength in transports, especially rails and NSC.  As NSC continues to behave well after surging I continue to accumulate both common and calls going into December.
I know my direction, and I have conviction in the trade.  Compare this to AAPL where I am playing both side and have to adjust when new context develops on either a rip or dip or I lose when the stock consolidates for the next 2 weeks.

Some trades are better than others, and going hunting all day it’s easy to shoot at anything that moves (or doesn’t).  One of the most important aspects of being profitable is the ability to do nothing.



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