Sentiment Sure Flips Fast (TSLA)…

Hovering over yesterday…

and now today!  Hmmm…..  Momo is as momo chasers does


Sentiment compliments of

One thing I’ve noticed with sentiment in TSLA is that the bears are extremely weakhanded and only come out after plunges in TSLA.  More noticeably they run for the hills on any uptick.
Rightfully so they should be scared as every drop was bought until now.  This is what the market does.  Gets things really lopsided one way and then as quickly as possible pulls the rug, leaving you down, out and still holding on to that bias of yours…. TSLA sure looks like it has had it’s back broken.  It’s going to take a lot of constructive price action on to rebuild a bullish chart on the weekly.

Today’s open was a massive and sharp rally taking back over 1/2 the losses in TSLA from yesterday’s trend down day.  We shall see how much of it turns out to be weak shorts.
Position: Still holding my 25% of my put verticals 135-125 / 135-130.


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