9 Out of 5 Times the Market Predicts Recessions

That is to say, almost 50% of the time the stock market is crying wolf.

From NPR’s business story of the day (Jan, 22 2016): Listen here

Or here:

Dyke Messinger of Salisbury NC is in the construction industry, and is in the manufacturing business. Specifically Messinger’s company manufactures machines that are used to build essential structures, like curbs for example, for commercial real estate development.

Like many US manufactures, exports make up a considerable portion of his sales.

Messinger says for his company growth in the US economy will more than make up for the losses abroad (think China) and “If I had some spare money, I think I’d buy some US stocks.”

I’m with Mr Messinger and am buying.

2016.01.28[08.28.05]_Chrome Legacy Window_$SPX - SharpCharts Workbench - StockCharts.com - Google Chrome


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